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1.  Minimum 3 Hours Long Power-Packed Workshop and Mentorship.
2. Learn the real secrets of AFFILIATE MARKETING, that everyone hesitates to reveal.
3. I’ll Reveal my Personal Methods from Zero to Full in details.

[ TRULY SAYING ] :- Here in this Workshop I am going to reveal my own SECRETS.

👉Join This SUPER AFFILIATE MARKETING WORKSHOP Designed To Transform You Into A Money Making Machine & You Will be Able To Generate Higher Profitable Income👈

– I’ll show my Income Live –

– I’ll reveal my Entire Secret –


Niche Finding

Audience Selection

Product Research

Economical Targeting

Organic Targeting

Pro Hidden Techniques

I'll take you to these 3 major Affiliate Platforms

Amazon Associates

We’ll cover how to make money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. What is the Secret Juice behind it?


We’ll cover Click Bank in this workshop and will reveal the finest recipe to make money out of it.


Commission Junction is my that Ginnie who made me a money-making machine. I’ve made my life using this.

I'll show my income live so that you can see how much money you may also make.👇

Benefits of this Workshop:

  1. You can learn entire Affiliate Marketing in just one workshop.
  2. The workshop is relatively short, so it’s easy to fit it into your schedule.
  3. The presenter has 7+ years of experience and real-time knowledge, so you will be able to learn a lot from the workshop.
  4. The price is extremely affordable, making it a good option for those who are just starting out in affiliate marketing.
  5. The workshop includes a quiz at the end, so you can test what you learned and improve your skills.
  6. Opportunity to ask questions directly from the presenter, which could be the best point learners.

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A Self Made Digital Marketer By Choice. A Delhi Born Entrepreneur Who Prioritize His Skills Over Educational Degrees. Now He Is One Of The Most Renowned Digital Marketing Trainer In The Industry. He Has Trained 65,000+ Students So Far In His Training Career With 4.9 Star Rating.

+ Subscribers
+ Students
+ Years Experience



1.  C.A
2. C.E.O
3. IT Heads
4. Managers
5. And So On…

Internet Lovers

1.  YouTubers
2. Social Media Experts
3. Agency Owners
4. Who Want To Earn Online
5. And So On…


1.  Teachers
2. Coaches
3. Consultants
4. Professors
5. And So On…


1.  College Students
2. University Students
3. SOL Students
4. Who Want To Earn Online
5. And So On…

My LIVE Revenue Stats

I’ll be showing you my LIVE Stats of Revenue in LIVE Workshop and then you’ll trust me how AFFILIATE Marketing works for me like a Money Making Machine🤑

Learn, how to make a consistent 6-figure income from affiliate marketing without spending on Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For any further queries, please contact us on: roy@roydigital.in

It will be shared on your email every time a new webinar will happen. It may take a maximum of 2 weeks not more than that.
No matter at what stage of your life you are. You need to have focus and zeal to learn. Digital Marketing is the need of the era and any person can have this knowledge at any age.
Believe me, in this 3 hours I can open the cave of Goldmine where you can pour your brain buckets as much as your capacity. And you are talking about Rs.150 I bet you'll pay me Rs.10,000 after attending my Webinar.
I strongly recommend you to please come live and explore the awesomeness of the sales funnel with me. If you are still not able to come at the moment, you can opt for recordings or you can join the next immediate webinar. In upcoming weeks.
We are already charging peanuts for such a knowledge full webinar. So we do not believe that you will be seeking any money refund. But still in any case you did not find it well then we can talk and resolve your issue with our utmost effort.
You'll get a Meeting link 30 minutes before the Webinar from where you can join the meeting with only 1 click.
Yes, you can ask for it and we will reschedule your slot for an upcoming webinar. 
This LIVE webinar is going to last for 3 Hours.
You'll get regular reminders for this webinar on your Email. But, be sure you make roy@roydigital.in in your healthy recipient list. (don't unsubscribe our emails) And pls join our Telegram channel in order to be double sure of the reminders.
It’s too simple, just simply call us on (+91) 8287755527 or (+91) 9311526568 to connect instantly between 11 PM to 7 PM

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