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What is “The Auto-Pilot Sales” course is all about?

The Auto-Pilot Sales course is the top level of Digital Marketing, where a Digital Marketer finally can start getting monetary benefits by selling products online on automation mode. Products can be anything be it is their business products/services or their Affiliate Marketing Products.

SALES FUNNEL is the primary focus of this course where I, Hrishikesh Roy will reveal all the small to smallest steps where to get started from and big to biggest steps how to convert your audience in your marketing funnel at the final level.

In this entire world “CONVERSIONS” is the primary goal of every business, company, organization, and enterprise.

So, here in this course, you’ll be learning “how to create SALES or LEADS” for any product be it is a ‘safety pin’ or ‘Volvo trucks’.

Last year I had launched the Beta version of this course and just for the survey purpose, I allowed this course to 200 digital marketing aspirants and you can check their feedback. (see below)*

Now, it’s time to spread the power of “The Auto-Pilot Sales” course full-fledged to the world.

And, I Hrishikesh Roy is welcoming you to my world of knowledge where Digital Marketing is the core subject in my blood.

The first of its kind “HYBRID” learning pattern in the Digital Marketing industry where you’ll learn from my videos anywhere, anytime with your own pace, and also can clear your doubts with me ‘LIVE‘ once in a week.

“I’ll not sell my knowledge for the sake of profits only” I have to make you learn. And, my course pattern exactly depicting my intention which you can essence.

So, it’s a clear win-win situation for you. Learn at your speed and for your doubts and queries I am there for you ‘LIVE’

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Actual Cost – ₹11,999

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A glimpse of value which you will learn in this course:

🤘What sort of tools do I use? (premium and free both)
🤘What audience I choose to target?
🤘How, I create my content to attract my audience?
🤘What budget I use in FB ads?
🤘How I use FB pixel custom audience, custom conversion?
🤘How I nurture my Leads in automation?
🤘How I deliver my digital goods to customers after a purchase?

&, many more like these secrets I’ve revealed here in this course

How Funnel Works?

Funnel Video

100% applicable for

Affiliate Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, hundred percent this is a Digital Marketing Course. In fact, this is the most important level of your digital marketing knowledge.

Yes, a sales funnel is very much required for an eCommerce business and moreover, I’ve specially made a dedicated video at the end of the videos on the eCommerce sales funnel.

This course is far more effective for Affiliate Marketing rather than any other dedicated Affiliate Marketing course in the market reason because without applying the SALES Funnel strategy your affiliate Sales will be not fruitful. And without Sales affiliate commissions will not be generated.

Minimum you should have knowledge of basic Laptop command, Google Chrome, and net surfing. And, if you have this minimum knowledge then you are good to go for this course.

A total of 84 video lectures and tentative 12 Live group query sessions are there.

Yes, FB ads are definitely covered in this course and all the aspects which will require to create a conversion are also covered in this course for example Pixel Setup, Custom Audience, Custom Conversion, etc.

This is the first of its kind HYBRID course where you’ll learn from videos but, for queries, you and I will go live once a week for 3 whole months. It means you’ve 84 videos + 12 tentatively group LIVE sessions too.

For the first three months, you’ll be getting 12 Live complimentary sessions with me. But, if you would like to continue your query sessions you can subscribe to our premium LIVE with ME services for forever Live sessions.

Our course videos are coming with LIFETIME access so, you don’t need to download them. And currently, the download facility is not available either.

It took me and my team to work very hard to build this course for you and not only the efforts that matter here I engraved my whole life experience in this course. For the survival of me and my team, we have fixed a certain price for this course but, we’ve tried to cut down a lot from our margin to make it extremely affordable for you.

I have my YouTube Channel too where you can get my videos for absolutely free.

I am assuring you that you won’t love to return this course once you start learning it. But, this is my appeal to the aspirants that if you are serious about learning Digital Marketing course then only you must have enrolled in this course because as of now we are not offering any refund policy. Rest assured your grievances will definitely get resolved on a priority basis.

Are You Ready?

Actual Cost – ₹11,999

87.5% Flat OFF

Today – ₹1499/- only

🙋‍♂️ In this course, I Hrishikesh Roy will bring my entire Digital Marketing knowledge and experience to you.

For the past 6 years, I am in a role of a Digital Marketing Coach and Trainer who’ve trained 2000+ Offline Trainees, 1000+ Live Online Trainees, and more than 70,000 Video lecture trainees.

It took me years and years of research to build myself into this reputed position where gentle people like you have trusted the quality of my training too much.

So, to keep that trust sustained forever I Hrishikesh Roy revealing my very own entire SALES FUNNEL tricks and strategies with you people. I did not hide any single thing at all, whatever I do to sell my products, courses, affiliate products, etc. By applying my Sales Funnel techniques from now onwards it will be yours.

I have poured my entire life’s knowledge in the this course and, my first priority is your fruitfulness and benefits. But, if you haven’t learned it then I am not justifying my profession.

So, to try my best I’ve decided to go LIVE once a week to answer your doubts and queries even after giving you complete and detailed knowledge in video lectures.

This is my first of its kind “HYBRID” course where you can learn the course at your own time, speed and place but, for your queries, you can come LIVE with me and I’ll personally answer your queries, after all this is my course and I’ll be the better to answer any query 😊

Believe me, I am eagerly waiting to see you there 😊

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Are You Ready?

Actual Cost – ₹11,999

87.5% Flat OFF

Today – ₹1499/- only

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