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& Generate Huge Weekly Income

You can start enriching your career with the potential of our Brand Value. We are prioritizing our own students to become our business associate first and foremost. Our focus is to provide them with financial wellness by using the value of our products.

Only Limited Associate will be welcome in our Phase 1 franchise distribution.

Become an Associate

You can become Roy Digital’s Associate Partner and enrich your earning potential with our Brand Value.

Earnings Per Week

Achieve your real financial freedom with our weekly payouts
(on every Tuesday) commission.

Earn up to 50%

Now, you can earn up to 50% commission on every single
primary product sale.

Benefits of a Digital Franchise Partner

Penny Investment

Negligible Capital investment to start our
Franchise business

No direct sales

No Direct Sale

No hard and direct sales involved. Roy Digital works for your earnings

Free Training

Direct business training by Mr. Hrishikesh Roy
(Founder and CEO)

Flat 30% (Level 1)

Flat 30% commission for Level 1 DFP’s
(on primary products).

Flat 40% (Level 2)

Flat 40% commission for Level 2 DFP’s
(on primary products).

Flat 50% (Level 3)

Flat 50% commission for Level 3 DFP’s
(on primary products).

60 Days Cookies

Long 60 days cookies duration. Your efforts will stay with you ONLY.

Team Support

Marketing support by experts team of
Roy Digital.

Fee Reversal

Registration fee reversal after 10 primary products conversions.

Flat 50% Discount

All upcoming courses will be available at a flat 50% discount price.

Weekly Payout

Weekly payout model (every Tuesday payment deposit in your account).


Be your own BOSS and achieve financial freedom.

You Just Join & I’ll Train You

Sales Funnel Webinar

Every 2nd & 4th Monday

Are you afraid of applying franchise with us, just because you don’t have any prior marketing experience?

No need to be afraid of.

You only need to have a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing rest I, Hrishikesh Roy will train you on those marketing strategies which will help you turn your audience into our products.

And once you’ll start getting conversions every week you’ll becoming rich enough to live your life free.

Commission Levels

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Important Notice

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Our Digital Franchise Partner (DFP) vertical is not for everyone we have an interview criterion to select the people for this profile. We have full right to reject the application for not eligible candidates in this profile. We are providing this pilot program to the first 100 DFPs only for a small registration fee. After 100 DFPs the registration fee will be revised to ₹25,000 for all upcoming new DFPs.

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