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India's most enrolled SALES FUNNEL course (in Hindi)

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What You Think


Digital Marketing


Only getting traffic by Google and, Likes on Facebook


" NO "

You Are



Digital Marketing in 2020 is purely

Conversions & Sales

Driven Era

Do you know in 2020 the competition is already touching the sky and you may burn your AD cost without much conversions or sales.

Do you really want to get


" First Let Us Tell You "

In 2020, just Learning Digital Marketing is an OLD School model


is the End Goal of every successful DIGITAL MARKETER

" SO "

" Presents "

Digital Marketing 2.0

A simple way to learn Advanced Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing 2.0


#1 Content Marketing Strategies

Here you’ll learn how to create appealing content which will make people to get converted on your website.

#2 Landing Page Building

Here you’ll learn how to create the Landing Page which is one of the most important aspect to convert your audience into sales.

#3 Conceptual Facebook Ads

Here you’ll learn Advanced FB Ads to target the right Audience to convert them into your Customers.

#4 Auto Follow-up Marketing

If you need to reduce human effort and want to push your brand image into your audiences. You need to learn it.

#5 Advanced Sales Funnel Building

It’s an AUTOMATION PROCESS, Where you’ll learn to build Advanced Sales Funnel to target the right audience to convert them into your Customers. Where you just build the sales funnel once and then sales comes automatically.

Hey , Are You...


YES, we will help you building an


Online Sales Process

Get every type of SALES on Automation mode


Product Sales

You'll learn how to boost an Online Sales of your own Physical product or Digital product via Automation Sales.

Affiliate Sales

You'll learn how to boost your Affiliate Sales to earn a tons of Affiliate commission on each calendar month.

Actual Cost


Rs.499/- only

Note: Not recommended for Auto-Pilot Sales Course Trainees.

Let, Your Money Start Flowing

In Your Bank Account


Digital Marketing 2.0

will ensure you to get unlimited



Automation Mode

Here you'll learn - "How money can flow into your Bank Account via Online Product Sales, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing etc." And everything will be on AUTOMATION mode.

Actual Cost


Rs.499/- only

Note: Not recommended for Auto-Pilot Sales Course Trainees.

Ok, If you yet not understand


Here is a Simple Question to you!

Have you ever get calls from Amazon to buy their products?

How many times OYO Rooms called you to sell their rooms?

Did you ever think that Phonepe will not get customers?

Your straight answer will be...


You Know Why?

Because they use,




And, the same you can do it with your business

By Learning

Content Framing

A flow and decoration of a content in your Landing Page will decide whether your Audience will convert or not.

Landing Page

A Landing Page will always help you to bring more leads and sales directly from your customer to boost your conversion.


If you are good in optimizing Landing Page Potential to it’s maximum Level then you are ready to outrank your competition from the market.

Strategical Ad Campaigns

Just running an Ad will not help you get right audiences to your business. Strategical Ad Campaigns will help you to achieve that.

Data Integration

Data is the must have thing you need to use in converting more and more audiences into sales. So, learn Data Integration.

Auto Follow-Ups

Audience is precious and you need to nurture them. An Auto-Follow-ups technique will boost your nurturing.


You are eligible to become a successful


Watch 5 videos from this course


Mobile Responsiveness

Campaign Setup

Automation Email to New Leads

SMS Integration

Conditional Data Sheet Connection (PART-2)

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Know your Trainer

Mr. Hrishikesh Roy

A self made Digital Marketer by choice. A Delhi born entrepreneur who prioritize his skills over educational degrees. Now he is one of the most renowned Digital Marketing trainer in the industry. He has trained 75,000+ students so far in his training career with 4.9 star rating.


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Actual Cost


Rs.499/- only

Note: Not recommended for Auto-Pilot Sales Course Trainees.

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