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    Terms & Conditions

    • Giveaway is open to subscribers of Hrishikesh Roy channel only.
    • Only one entry per person is allowed.
    • The participants must commented, Liked and watched minimum 30 minutes on the mentioned video.
    • Total Giveaway amount will be divided into multiple winners as mentioned in the giveaway trailer video.
    • Maximum one lakh rupees per month will be allotted for next 10 months. 
    • Each month only 10 participants will win the giveaway amount.
    • Amount will be calculated 10% of the sum of “views + subscribers + likes + comments + watchtime” divided into ten winners of respective month the video’s performance.
    • Winner must have a valid UPI id with his own name.
    • Only unique id comments will be considered and creators or moderators comment will not be countable.