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Why you need a Digital Marketing Course? What is the benefit of doing this course?

You’ll be certainly satisfied here in this article.

Digital marketing is spreading like a wildfire. Google makes over billions a year through ads. Facebook’s generating over 40 billion a year through ads.

Hey, friends today I’m going to share with you how you can start your career in digital marketing with our Digital Marketing Course. Before we get started to make sure you have time to read this whole article which is filled with appropriate knowledge.

Question for you.

How many years have you been in digital marketing? If you’re just starting off leave a comment below with zero. I’m curious because the tips I’m giving today, it should help you out if you’re just starting your career or even if you’re already a few years in digital marketing.

So here’s what the first thing I want you to do is. We want you to start your own website. This is the first step. You need to go out there, create a WordPress blog, or any type of site, we prefer WordPress, but you need to start a site. In this Digital Marketing Course, you’ll learn how to create your own website via WordPress.

The best way to learn Digital Marketing is to start your own website.

Step two, take those keywords, whatever industry you’re in, like property, cooking, marketing, etc. Use a wonderful tool Keyword Everywhere it’ll show you the traffic on each those keywords that your competition is getting traffic from.

Don’t just create a lookalike website something that’s similar to your competitors. Have better images, better videos, whatever it may be, go above and beyond.

Use custom graphics, hire people from Fiverr or anywhere else so you could use them into your blog posts. That way you could have your unique content, and your articles will stand out from the competition.

When you’ve done that, then the next step for you is to promote your content. Send a simple email to hundreds of people.

In this Digital Marketing Course, you’ll learn how to send mass email in Email Marketing module.

The next thing we want you to do is to start collecting emails. It’s not just about getting people to your site, it’s about building a brand. You can’t build a brand without collecting emails. You can use free tools like Contact Form 7, limits sliders, pop-ups, we do that on our own website it’s a great way to collect more email address, so then when you get people to come back to your site you’ll start building as a brand.

In our Digital Marketing Course you’ll learn either how to install plugins like CF7 in your WordPress website.

As the CEO of Google once said, brands are the solution. He was talking about figuring out what site to rank at the top of Google, and also combating things like fake news. For that reason, you want to build a brand. And they say when you get people back to your site seven times, you’re much more likely to build a brand.

The next thing we want you to do is to install a free tool called Subscribers. This leverages push notification. What Subscribers allows you to do is have people subscribe to your site with just one click, and that way you can just keep getting them back to your site through the browser notifications, has amazing results, especially when you combine that with email.

The last thing we want you to do is to start selling something, whether it’s a physical product, a service, doesn’t matter, you can do lead generation, you can sell products through affiliate marketing, we just want you to sell something because when you learn to sell, you’re learning the full suite of marketing.

It’s not just about driving traffic, you need to convert those visitors into customers.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll jump start your career into digital marketing. If you need help with your marketing needs, come to our center ROY DIGITAL at Preet Vihar or call us at 011-42480102.

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