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  • Start from absolute Basics
  • Niche Finalization
  • Product Finding
  • Audience Targeting
  • Traffic Generation
  • CTA building
  • Conversion Projection
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528 reviews for Super Affiliate Marketing Workshop

  1. (verified owner)

    sir i am zaman sir mien second time aya hu apke webinar mien sirf is liye ki mujhe lagta he ki apse better koi affiliate marketing nahi sikha sakta mien sirf apke batao hui strategy ko follow karna chahata hu or is business ko as a career lena chahta hu .

  2. (verified owner)

    Your session was good. You explained in a detailed manner which is very good for beginners like us and it is very knowledgeable. Thank you for that. But a single session is not enough as we had only cover a little part of the big whole process. I would request you to please add more sessions

  3. (verified owner)

    Really, this session is very good and helpful for me to execute my affiliate marketing journey to start with a super motivation and extra ordinary ways to put our efforts confidently for positive results….Thank you so much sir

  4. (verified owner)

    Yes very nice session 👍. Learn lots of new and amazing.

  5. (verified owner)

    Session bhaut acha tha sir it’s amazing aapne jo step by step btaya
    Simple and easy way saara dimag mai aa gya
    But last ke mere questions the aap thoda naraj hue uske liye sorry
    Vo process bhaut lambi I understand
    Aage bhi aapke sath Jude rahenge mai aapko Instagram 0e bhi follow krta hoon

  6. (verified owner)

    Sir I am trying to learn affiliate marketing for 1 year but the knowledge I got today was terrific. This is superb. Thank you, Sir.

  7. (verified owner)

    A very elaborate yet simply explained session. Roy sir gave a lot of value in the 3 hours and gave us confidence to start a Affiliate business. Everyone interested in affiliate marketing must go through this session once. Thank you Roy sir for an amazing session.

  8. (verified owner)

    the session is very knowledgeable . most amazing thing that what is affiliate marketing and how to do affiliate marketing as a business . Roy sir gave us a very over delivered webinar and its blueprint is very best.

  9. (verified owner)

    I am a old follower of Roy his content is really valuable,But today when I attended this webinar of super affiliate marketing program it was a eye-opener for me.Before attending this webinar I was all set to start with paid ads but after this session I understood as a beginner I should not go for paid ads.
    I have attended many webinars and workshop but this was really an extra ordinary for me .
    Thanks Roy

  10. Thank you very much, sir. Bahut detail me aapne bataya. Bahut confused tha kaha se suru karun. Bahut motivation mila. Aap apane journey me kamyab ho.

  11. (verified owner)

    Excellent Mentor….His webinar is of great motivation….goes deep into the topic and explains things so well with examples that a layman can understand the concepts very well. Satisfied with the session.

  12. (verified owner)

    Sir I am trying to learn affiliate marketing for 1 year but the knowledge I got today was terrific. This is superb. Thank you, Sir.

  13. (verified owner)

    really you are a great and fantastic person who wishes and dreams to make India better and help to full fill dreams of people associated with you, your teaching flow is excellent and by true heart and the good thing is that you belong to the Bengali Kayastha family as I fell,

  14. sir pahle me demotivate ho gya tha lekin aapke live webinar se me phir motivate ho gya hoon
    or aapke live webinar se mujhe bahut seekhne mila hai . very profitable knowledge

  15. (verified owner)

    Amazing course. Thank you sir…

  16. (verified owner)

    Really, this session is very helpful for me to execute my affiliate marketing journey to start with a super motivation and extra ordinary ways to put our efforts confidently for positive results….Thanks a lot Hrishikesh Sir…Love4U ❤️✅

  17. (verified owner)

    It was very good and here we got the affiliate marketing process in a simple way.

  18. (verified owner)

    very good and amazing session. most amazing thing that what is affiliate marketing and how to do affiliate marketing as a business . and its blueprint is very best.

  19. (verified owner)

    Amazing webinar don’t compromise with time and sharing knowledge

  20. Totally amazing webinar…
    Too much content jo free me kabhi nai milta ….YouTube pe bhi ni….

  21. (verified owner)

    Great learning experience.

  22. (verified owner)

    Awesome session, learnt actually a lot no one gives there secrets and tactics in live sessions as well as in videos. But today’s webinar was great to learn and it’s a motivation to beginner like me to enter into the affiliate marketing field with boost of confidence

  23. (verified owner)

    Bhai apne bohot kuch sikha diya hai
    Jaise how to find prouct . The best part I felt the 4 qualities of product.

  24. (verified owner)

    Affiliate marketing ka sampurna gyaan mil Gaya sir 😊🙏

  25. (verified owner)

    I learn amazing secret of affiliate marketing from our guru roy sir

  26. (verified owner)

    Roy sir, Main aapko pichhle do saal se follow kar raha hoon aur maine abhitak aapke 3 live webinar join kiye hai…. aapke 3 webinar awesome rahe hai…..

  27. (verified owner)

    Mainne isse pahale bahut se workshop attend kiye he lekin jis tarase tumne padaya he aaj tak kisine nahi padaya he✌️

  28. (verified owner)

    You done a great work Sir, You changed our views related to affiliate marketing —> Affiliate marketing do work as a business great.

  29. (verified owner)

    The session was an eye opener and very fruitful for my Affiliate Marketing Journey.

  30. (verified owner)

    It’s really enthusiastic and get deeper knowledge regarding the affiliate marketing and it helps to enhance the productivity if we follow all the things which we learn today.

  31. (verified owner)

    This webinar is an eye opening webinar for me as my perception totally changed. Thank you Roy Digital for this amazing webinar.

  32. (verified owner)

    This is the best webinar and knowledgeable for bigginner like me.
    Thank you sir.

  33. (verified owner)

    This is what i want. Thanks a lot, bahut dino se koshish kar rha tha ki ek sahi disha mile jo ab jake pura ho gya

  34. This session is really a different experience though I have to understand things a lot .But Roy has explained the things in step by step procedure ,how and why affiliate marketing is done in a very detailed analysis ,I have never seen in any other workshop.Highly Recommend

  35. (verified owner)

    Excellent content and instructions, super interactive session, so thank you!

  36. (verified owner)

    session was unexpected and we wants much from you , you deserve a big thumbs up and good wishesh for your future, and i hope you create more and more session like this and add more quality to others people life . thankyou

  37. (verified owner)

    sir i have attended many workshop and gone through many training classes, just to know something new or say something different that should be beneficial for me, same way i attended your webinar. But i want to say todays was really amazing for me that i have learn, really i have not expected this much precious knowledge that i have gained today.Really thankyou roy sir

  38. I have found this session a changing factor in my life. This session has told what affiliate marketing is in reality.

  39. Mind blowing session with such a nice calculated risk free benefits shown by Roy. Friend I can assure you that anyone who is attending his session will get his life transformed and with heavy pay checks

  40. (verified owner)

    Is tarah se hathh pakara ke koi nahi sikhata market mein

  41. (verified owner)

    Affiliate Marketing was new word for me.
    After attendig this session, till now I think I got thourough knowledge.
    The blueprint and showing the making of Planning is best part. Because it created interest and motivation to do Affiliate Business.

  42. (verified owner)

    reaally awesome session sir ,here is lot of things to learn which no buddy theach

  43. (verified owner)

    Purity of Content

  44. (verified owner)

    nic sir aapne bhut scha sission lagaaya sir mazza aa gya

  45. (verified owner)

    Awesome session. Worth every Penny. 149 is worth 149000. Thank you very much

  46. (verified owner)

    i love this session :
    1. Product selection and Filter
    2. Excel calculation
    3. Full Confident

  47. Hello sir i glad to meet you and Good calculation strategy and good knowledge of affiliate marketing strategy I learn new definition of affiliate marketing maja a gaya

  48. (verified owner)

    Roy sir I liked your all the words. Which you have say in the webinar. Thanks a lot. Also clear on another affiliate program s also.

  49. (verified owner)

    Roy sir this is the best webinar I have ever joined, I liked your all the words. Which you have say in the webinar. Thanks a lot. Also clear on another affiliate program s also.

  50. (verified owner)

    Roy sir this is the best webinar I have ever joined, with great language skill and great knowledge . I will also follow knowledge and experience. I liked your all the words. Which you have say in the webinar. Thanks a lot. Also clear on another affiliate program s also.

  51. (verified owner)

    Very nice, informative, motivated webinar on Affiliate Marketing. Will look forward to more sessions in near future.

  52. (verified owner)

    mind blowing session mera pehla affilates webner tha baut achha laga 1st point s ye program bahut achha laga roy bhai aap achha kaaam kar rahe ho

  53. (verified owner)

    you are great sir and helpful

  54. (verified owner)

    Roy sir this is the most powerful and professional webinar I have ever joined, with great language skill and great knowledge . I will also follow knowledge and experience. I liked your all the words. Which you have say in the webinar. Thanks a lot. Also clear on another affiliate program s also.

  55. (verified owner)

    very informative .

  56. (verified owner)

    Great strategy we learned from you. Thanks a lot and cheers to hrishikesh roy

  57. (verified owner)

    Eyeopener webinar, i have attended many other such webinars, but this was really eyeopener, and will definitely start this as have gained enough confidence and trust for this business, thanks to Roy sir. I suggest those who want to enter in affiliate business should definitely attend this webinar. Thanks Roy sir for sharing this in depth knowledge.

  58. (verified owner)

    The session was very knowledgeable and I loved the way everything was explained in very simple ways. Very motivated for the people who want to start affiliate marketing as a career.

  59. (verified owner)

    Awesome bro! Super valuable information

  60. (verified owner)

    Sir aap ki sbse achhi baat step by step planing se kaam.
    Aor achha connect kr pana apne audiance se. thank you sir
    Maine apne life me kabhi paise dekar koi class attend nhi ki Thanks Sir.

  61. (verified owner)

    Teaching manners, live proof, revealing secrets, and step by step guidance is the key of this webinar cum workshop.. thank so much for this awesome priceless content.

  62. (verified owner)

    Bahut badhia webinar life changing

  63. Very nice 👍
    Concept clear about affiliate marketing
    Thank you ❤🌹

  64. (verified owner)

    This is a great seceeion

  65. Sir wow itni depth knowledge abhi tk kisi ne nhi di hai jo aaj ke webnair mai mili thank uu

  66. (verified owner)

    Sir, session is very good & Thank you for the same.

  67. (verified owner)

    That is Great session..i am looking from many days like this session.but now i get it. And Will take serious your teaching..

  68. Good calculation strategy and good knowledge of affiliate marketing strategy I learn new definition of affiliate marketing and i glad to meet you

  69. (verified owner)

    It was the very good workshop Sir. The content is really nice. Your nkowledge about the affiliate business is very good. Today, I came to know where I was lagging behind.

  70. (verified owner)

    This session was worth more than i think it helps me to get a clear mindset abou affiliate marketing business.

  71. Course Presentation is good and lengthy , one can lean basic of affiliate marketing those who ve no fundamental knowledge , also those ve knowledge can gather knowledge to implement on your running site.

  72. (verified owner)

    It was great for the complete new individual who doesn’t know about affiliates. But I could not understand the secrets of traffic generation for any new sites.

  73. (verified owner)

    This workshop worth more then 1000/- the way you explained everything thing is really appreciable every thing explained very clear for starting a affiliate business
    One’s again thanks a lot.

  74. (verified owner)

    Good calculation strategy and good knowledge of affiliate marketing strategy I learn new definition of affiliate marketing

  75. (verified owner)

    Content of training was super. We got A to Z of affiliate marketing. We got super formula to do affiliate marketing.
    Thank you for a valuable training.

  76. (verified owner)

    hi my self mukesh jha we attend the supper affiliate webinar of rishikesh sir ….one thing i loved which he explained in webinar ..thast was really owsam
    that is product selection for affiliate marketing

  77. (verified owner)

    The session was very good. It was great for the complete new individual who doesn’t know about affiliates. But I could not understand the secrets of traffic generation for any new sites.

  78. (verified owner)

    If you want to learn systematically about Affiliating Marketing then this is the right place to learn..Thanks Jeet!!!

  79. (verified owner)

    It was Great 👍
    Really deeply knowledge Information Shearing with us.
    Thanku Sir.

  80. This webinar is really very amazing… beleive me I thought I know enough about affiliate marketing but Hrishikesh sir taught us the real affiliate secret..must join this webinar..This is really Awesome..thanxx a lot sir..🙏🙏

  81. (verified owner)

    This session is an eye opener to the Affiliate marketing world

  82. (verified owner)

    Most genuine training i have seen, thanks for sharing more information which is more than i have expected, now i feel i will achieve my goals in anyways

  83. The session is so much of information and learn about actual affiliate marketing

  84. (verified owner)

    As I attend the webinar I know the reality of affiliate marketing. This is a hipe for our culture of quick money. Thank you so much sir for guiding me authentically.

  85. (verified owner)

    Best webinar I have ever attended. Literally no one make this type of webinars. Everyone just try to steal our money but Roy sir has made us realize that there are people that are specially made by God who are giving their 8-10 years of experience in these webinars. I recommend this webinar to everyone even if it costs thousands of rupees. Thank you sir for this amazing webinar. When I become successful, I will definitely share your name with it because you deserve this.

  86. Session was amazing. You have revealed your secrets and now I am looking forward to paste the same strategy to continue my journey.

  87. (verified owner)

    Learned something new. I didn’t know the calculation part to select the product and also we waste a lot of time to promote that product. Now i am motivated to generate more sales. Thanks a ton for this 3 hours workshop.

  88. (verified owner)

    Maine youtube pe bahut video dekhe lekin jo aaj secret bataye hai ye koi bhi nhi batata hai💕 beginners ke liye sabse acchi valuable information hai. Jo demotivated ho gye hai wo ek baar join krke dekhe.

  89. (verified owner)

    Great sir it’s very knowledgeble
    &149 price nothing
    Actually it’s a 5k &10 k price webinar
    And you are also a great human

  90. (verified owner)

    Wonderful session roy, l liked your effort very much. So much learning from this session. Hope you will keep doing regularly

  91. (verified owner)

    Hi sir
    main pichle 2 saal se youtube par video dekhkar amazon ke lie affiliate marketing kar raha hoon, par aaj jo apne tips die hai vo mujhe unme se kuch to youtube pe kahi bhi ni dekhe the.
    Kaphi achhe tips hai

  92. (verified owner)

    Hello sir ji
    Aj is web ner se muji boht kuch sekneko mella hai our… Aj se muje yaken huva hai ke mai bhi kar saktha hu Affiliate marketing … Tank you for Knowledgable webner

  93. (verified owner)

    Very good session. Mujhe pata hi nahi tha ki niche ke broadness aur product ke broadness ko kaise samjha jaye. Is Super Affiliate Marketing Webinar se mujhe ye pata chal gaya. In depth research of product that can be sold wo mujhe aaj samajh aaya. Thanks Sir!

  94. (verified owner)

    sir apne bhut hi deeply btaya hai itna deeply kisine nhi btya hai meine youtube pe bhut saare videos dekhe hai but meine dekha ki itna deeply koi bhi nh btata hai excel me jaake report pe kaam krna jese aur business hote hai report bnake kaam krna i swear itna koi bhi nhi btata i swear sir you are awsm

  95. (verified owner)


  96. (verified owner)

    Sir i am working on clickbanks but this is next level strategy thank you so much sir

  97. (verified owner)

    Sir thanks for this course and I am earn such a great experience and I will want learn more about it.
    Bcoz I learn 1 lac course in 149rs thanks Sir for ur support.

  98. (verified owner)

    Shadaar, Jabardast, Zindabad live session
    Good knowledge about Affiliate marketing.
    Thank you Roy sir

  99. (verified owner)

    Data-driven and brilliant approach to Affiliate marketing. Would recommend to all who want to explore Affiliate marketing

  100. Really Valuable Content, I am definitely applying this whole process from now.
    Thanks a lot, Hrishikesh sir for sharing such valuable content.

  101. (verified owner)

    Sir I learn lots of things awesome session

  102. (verified owner)

    Super. Content is more than the training price.

  103. It’s amazing sir apka ye session bohut accha laga sir bohut bohut sukriya sir love you sir😍

  104. (verified owner)

    Informational (pro tips)

    Want full course of affiliate marketing with blog/website/SEO

  105. (verified owner)

    Thankyou Roy sir for sharing deep and secret amazing affiliate marketing complete strategies with us, Today Webinar is awesome , I must recommended to everyone should attend it. Thanku Roy sir once again.

  106. (verified owner)

    You explained every thing step by step ,i love this session

  107. lots of thing learn from you sir. thankyou so much sir

  108. (verified owner)

    You explained every thing step by step , seriously i learn lot from this , super session

  109. (verified owner)

    Isse badiya session dekha nahi sir i love it…..thankyou so much paisa wasul

  110. (verified owner)

    the session was so much of information and learn about various strategies and tactics and learn about the actual affiliate marketing

  111. (verified owner)

    You explained every thing step by step , seriously i learn lot from this

  112. (verified owner)

    This is the best webinar I ever had. Very unique Methods with simple strategies. Now I am getting this feeling that I can also be a successful affiliate marketer. I promise I will do each and every step you guided here and tell you after 6 months that I got my automated system just because of you. I am so impressed by your knowledge Mr. Roy. My best ever compliment to you is Merry Me 😉

  113. (verified owner)

    Bahut accha session hai new things sikhne ko mila…awesome

  114. Fabulous 🤩🤩🤩 webinar relly love it

  115. it was an informative session along with step by step process for affiliate marketing.

  116. (verified owner)

    It was a great connecting with you and got to learn some informative things

  117. (verified owner)

    Great webinar!! Great strategy and calculative approach to get best outcome.

  118. good knowledge

  119. (verified owner)

    This was amazing knowledge about our business stablisment at NIL cost
    This is mazing service to humen being for making money and serving many life by you.

  120. (verified owner)

    You give your effort to educate us about AM. Thank you for that, you teach us 4 agressive Filter which is really good.
    But there is other plateform in A.M.
    giving gauranteed sales 9584892327

  121. (verified owner)

    mashallah ab tak ka sabse best affiliate marketing ka couse kisi ne nahi diya,
    149 mey aapne lakhs of worth ki knowledge di hai
    god aapko aur bhi aage tarakki de

  122. (verified owner)

    Hello Sir

    This was amazing knowledge about our business stablisment at NIL cost
    This is mazing service to humen being for making money and serving many life by you.

  123. (verified owner)

    Loved your 4 step strategy to the winning products….I am amazed 🙂
    Feel blessed I participated in the webinar.
    Thanks a lot

  124. (verified owner)

    Great time to get such a great mentor in life {really grt course}

  125. If someone has to issue with niche finding and defining the product then must join it. No additional webinar is needed for clarity I can bet on that.

  126. (verified owner)

    lots of thing learn from you sir. thankyou so much sir

  127. (verified owner)

    very nice webinar on affiliate marketing
    able to understand the real methods to do successfully this affiliate marketing

  128. Thank you for good knowledge. very good experience for me 😊😊

  129. (verified owner)

    What a brilliant way to plan our affiliate program. Superb sir.
    I like it and I will definitely try it
    All the best

  130. Thank you for good knowledge. very good experience for me

  131. (verified owner)

    A very knowledgeable and powerful session . Sir is really telling all the real secrets of affiliate marketing
    Anyone who really wants to learn affiliate marketing please go for this session ..this affiliate marketing session will change your definitely …thankyou sir

  132. (verified owner)

    In this webinar I learn lot of things such a osm webinar in my life. thanks a lot sir

  133. (verified owner)

    The session was super se upar. It was just amazing. And sir u r very honest and humble person. Keep teaching like this.

  134. (verified owner)

    The session was very nice and detailed, hrishikesh delivered a value added content at a no brainer price, worth attending, if you r taking a consideration.

  135. (verified owner)

    hello sir appka bhahut bahut dhanyavad appke liye sabd nahi he vishal pathak

  136. (verified owner)

    I was working on clickbanks but this is another level strategy thank you Roy

  137. Thank you for good knowledge. It was very good experience for me

  138. (verified owner)

    I have watched Roy digital since 2018 and I have been never disappointed. This power packed webinar was super informative and highly motivational. The secrets and techniques shared by Rishikesh were amazing. All must attend.

  139. Hlw…roy…apka har session bhut acha hota h…aur hame bhut kuch sikhata h ki kese hmm apni life me age bade …har koi nhi chata ki koi age bade thank you so kuch sir dil se….aap.sabhi se bhut diffrent ho…

  140. Lot of things I learnt From You Sir…
    Thanks a Ton…

  141. Sir Aap ki class bahut hi great hoti hai.Aap hamesha jo bhi class main karate ho bahut open mind se karate ho.

  142. (verified owner)

    Great knowledge and great steps of showing golden steps in achieving success in affiliate marketing

  143. (verified owner)

    The session was amazing you learn from layman language, we get know Atoz about affiliate marketing, thank you so much, Roy for your efforts.

  144. (verified owner)

    You are too good. Really good to know information. Glad to be a part of this training. By god this 149rs is worth for me 1,49,000rs.
    Because of you I have go to know so much about affiliate marketing ,
    I am totally beginner . I am sure with this knowledge I can do wonders.
    I promise the day I will reach my goal. I will meet you and will give you 1 special gift personally .
    God bless you always. Keep inspiring like this

  145. (verified owner)

    Very nice webinar acha laga aapka webinar dek kr or mujhe isse idea bhi lag gya ki mujhe aage kya karna ha

  146. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing session. Very detailed and comprehensive.

  147. (verified owner)

    i love you sir , aap apna sicret knowledge share kiye hain.

  148. (verified owner)

    Bahut Kuch sikhane mila hai sir aapse thank you sir

  149. (verified owner)

    Hi Roy, Whatever you gave till now was great educational content… But as my interest is in online research I don’t have an idea that the amazon affliliate would work for me. The Overall content is Informative.

  150. (verified owner)

    I am following you from last 5 month, and was was thinking, whether I shall take your webinar or not. Because YouTube and webinar both are not same as I have attendant some.
    But I must say I have this is value for time and money what you charge .
    And request you to continue the same way, it is very much needed now a days where people make fool more than teach.
    You are sharing your real knowledge in the right way. Thank You again and wish you the best.

  151. (verified owner)

    its a Lesson that every affiliate should know, a secret that unwinds its awesome! Thank you so much, sir!

  152. (verified owner)

    I joined many webinars to learn affiliate marketing but, no one has revealed this kind of in-depth analysis. This is webinar made me satisfied and also an energy to achieve my goal in future as an affiliate marketer. Thank You So Much Hrishikesh Roy for your amazing webinar.

  153. (verified owner)

    dear respected Sir, i must say that I never attend this kind of outstanding session ever before ,detailed deep diving into affiliate bussine . dear sir you are master again charansparsh aapko

  154. (verified owner)

    Dera Roy sir, This is a very great section where I was looking for a very long time because it’s the very right way you are telling it’s very impressive definitely I want to Learn with you. Thanks you so much

  155. Maine kuch din pahle socha tha ki affiliate marketing hota hai but kya hota hai kaise hota hai aa nh dekha tha abhi thoda confidence hu ki affiliate marketing se bhi acchi earning ho sakti hai thaks uh sir for giving importance knowledge to us

  156. Very informative and useful how plan for organic audience and do affiliate marketing you change my thought about affiliate marketing to affiliate business

  157. (verified owner)

    Sir your content was amazing. I had learned different way of doing affiliate marketing . But I have one more request ki aapne tarika baata diyaa hai but aaapne yee nhi baataya ki website paar kaaise content likhee aur rank kaaise kaaraaiyeeee which is most important sir.

  158. (verified owner)

    thanks for this information.

  159. (verified owner)

    Sir aaj ka seminar bahut hi accha hai isse pehle maine aisa seminar nhi attend kiya jo aaj pta lga hai sjyd wo aage kaam aayengi

  160. (verified owner)

    You are awesome and your knowledge also awesome you deliver more value you are nice person.

  161. (verified owner)

    Dear All,
    Roy Sir is really Good .I have seen many trainers But Roy Sir is really To the point Explainer.He teaches you really Tractical Affiliate marketing Which You will never find else where.More over he is very down to the earth human kind who is having a vision not only to grow himself but also grow mutually & Contribute to society.Thanks Ravi Prakash Gupta & Pooja Gupta

  162. (verified owner)

    Things were explained in detail.. All results were showed LIVE..KUDOS to your efforts and handwork

  163. (verified owner)

    Got to learn new and Logically Defined Tricks of Affliate Marketing. Good piece of knowledge. Loved it. Keep up the good job Mr Roy

  164. Sir you are giving very good information and very well explained about affiliate marketing. Now I have confident that I can try for this.

  165. Javed Iqbal
    (verified owner)

    thank you ap ny apny secret btay koe bi ajj kal asy ni bata without paid ads we can earn money

  166. (verified owner)

    YouTube par kaafi video dekhi thi uske baad aapko seminar join Kiya aur isme bahut kuch sikhne ko mila..thank you

  167. (verified owner)

    Roy sir aapke contant me mujhe sahi way dikhaya. thanks sir meri kuch galti aap ne solved kar di. me aapko hamesha follow karta hu.

  168. (verified owner)

    Roy sir, aapke jaisa na koi youtuber sikha sakta hai naa koi sikha sakta haiii…..

  169. (verified owner)

    Sir Aj mujhey laga ki Affiliate marketing Clear Hua, or Easy laga or bahut chiz sikhney ko mila. Agey bhi Aap ka sath Chahiye.

  170. (verified owner)

    Sir Ise Acha koi nahi batata you are best… love you sir…..

  171. (verified owner)

    Really a great session today …. I was searching and wanted to be a affilate marketer… today I learned a lot ❤
    A great session

  172. (verified owner)

    You are Amazing Mr Roy Rally helpful session from your hand . future is our afforts to implement

  173. Excellent information shared. Resourceful learning…

  174. very nice vice

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    आप अपने ज्ञान को बढ़ा रहे हो , सच में सबको लेकर आप आगे आगे चलो sir हम आपके पीछे पीछे चलेंगे। और जहा तक earning की बात है हम सब earning करेंगे , सीक्रेट बताने से किसी का कोई हानि नहीं होता।
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    Once again sir, thank you very much for this kind of information on such a nominal price.

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