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360 Degree Roy Digital Ecosystem

Get All Of These Benefits For 1 Year.

1. Auto-Pilot Sales Course
2. 365 Immunity
3. Remote Control
4. Project Guru
5. Toolkit Consulting
6. Premium 365 Access
7. Report Card Quarterly

Benefits details are available below:

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Benefits details:

1. Auto-Pilot Sales Course – Includes

  • What is Sales Funnel
  • How Sales Funnel work
  • Content Farming Process
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Strategical Facebook Ads
  • E-mail Automation Process
  • Auto E-mail Follow-ups
  • Data Integration Process
  • After Sales Strategies

2. 365 Immunity – Includes

  • WordPress guide assistance
  • Facebook Ads Guidance
  • Google Ads Guidance
  • YouTube-related queries
  • E-mail setup assistance
  • PRO Content planner
  • Sales Funnel creation assistance

3. Remote Control – Includes

If you were facing any issue or technical errors you can ask for the remote access service and over technicians will take the remote access of your system and will provide the solution.

You can opt for 1 remote access per month for 365 days.

4. Project Guru – Includes

If you start your own project or even your client’s project, our technicians will guide you and will help you till the job done. You can ask anything related to your project. (Any 1).

5. Tool Consulting – Includes

Whatever you need in order to complete your projects like any premium theme or plugin or different services, but you might have some doubt that this is gonna work or not. Don’t worry over technician will help you with that and do the all research and suggest you the best which suits your business well.

6. Premium 365 Access – Includes

Get all the upcoming course access which we launch within 365 days with lifetime access.

7. Report Card Quarterly – Includes

Our technicians will monitor your project and do the professional analysis and give you the precise analytics about your campaign and also provide you the best possible ways to super optimize your ad campaigns.