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Six-Figure Secrets Revealed:

Join my Live Affiliate Marketing Batch, where I’ll be revealing my six-figure secrets, and you can become a successful affiliate marketer too.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to generate some extra income. There are many ways of earning an income from affiliate marketing. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and know-how.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for the past six years, and I’ve made my fair share of the money. Most people don’t know that most of these affiliate marketers earn a lot more than six figures every month, and they’re all following the same straightforward strategies.

Super Affiliate Marketing Batch is a live course where I show my strategies for earning six figures monthly using affiliate marketing.

You will learn strategies for finding high converting affiliate offers, driving traffic to your website, automating the process, so you never have to do anything manually again, and more.

If you want to make six figures every month, but you’re not sure how? This live affiliate marketing training will reveal my secrets on how to do it. Join my batch, and I’ll help you achieve your goals.

There are also bonuses included with this program – which is a surprise but, you’ll love, love, and a lot love my bonus surprises.

47 reviews for Live Super Affiliate Marketing Batch

  1. Bishnupriya Munda (verified owner)

    Sir, apke 16 classes bahut amazing tha affiliate marketing point of view se. Apne jis tarah theory and practical both karwaya step by step process me wo bahut valuable tha mere lia. Apne andhere me torch jalake manjil dikha dia he magar, us raste main chal kar humain manjil tak pahanchna hai. I am very lucky to have a mentor like you in my digital marketing journey. Thank you so much Sir.

  2. AdarshGautam (verified owner)

    This has been quite a journey for me. I have enjoyed the course and the teaching methods of Hrishikesh. I am confident to say that I have come out as a more learned person in comparison to when I had enrolled in this course. I have to know about minute but practical & efficient concepts which is difficult to find on any social media platform. I hope to apply all the concepts that I learned here and start earning when the right time comes. Also, I would like to appreciate the enthusiasm of my fellow colleagues throughout the course. Hrishikesh, I wish you all the best for the efforts that you have put in.
    Cheers Guys !!

  3. Sk Modassher Ahamed

    Awesome super it’s really amazing aap ne bohoti jabardast jadardast chije sikhai hai or it’s amazing excellent aap ka samjhane ka tarika hi alag hai sir ap bohoti Behtar Guru hai sir maine bohot course kharida tha but ap jaisa bat kisibhi me nahi hai or you are a great.

  4. Amey Nanaware (verified owner)

    Best course you’ll ever take in your affiliate marketing journey. Hrishikesh sir’s energy and clarity is unmatched. Never felt bored even a single second in all the 16 sessions. Always listens to questions and gives appropriate feedback. All the 16 sessions were value packed and worth every penny.

  5. Soumyaranjan sahoo (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful training. You are doing well. Not every trainer are teach like you. Sir you trained us by holding our hand. If someone is not from this background, he/ she can also achive success in this field. Every secession is very important and very knowledgeable. And every secession gives you hook to go dipper and dipper in this field. It is really a life-changing experience and life changing secession for me. Hope for good and I am hoping one day I will work for you. Thank you.

  6. shyamalendumaity201415@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I learn many things about affiliate marketing from this live workshop.

  7. Lakshmi Narayana (verified owner)

    This is one of the finest sessions, I have attended related to affiliate marketing. Quite useful and application oriented course. Anyone, from beginner to experienced, this course is highly recommended.

  8. Jai Prakash Sanyal (verified owner)

    Sir, the knowledge and experience shared in your affiliate marketing course will prove successful in giving right direction to our affiliate marketing journey. Through your course I took the risk of giving myself a chance. Today I can honestly admit that my decision to take this course has proved to be right and value added.
    Thank you for your valuable course.

  9. Yasmeen sogra (verified owner)

    Sir apka course bahut hi zayada amazing tha, unexplained hai, bahut sare course buy kiye but itna acha explain jaise apne kia aisa tha hi nhi, matlab ke bahut zayada amazing raha course. Jaisa apne wada kia tha bilkul waisa hi tha.
    Thank you so much for this amazing course

  10. Santosh Gupta

    This is the only ‘LIVE AFFILIATE MARKETING CLASS’ I have ever seen hence enrolled for this. It was an awesome experience as a live interactive class and live practical session, every query being answered in real-time.

    Congratulations and Big Thanks to Hrishikesh Roy sir. 🙂

  11. srinivas

    First of all, I will be so much impressed with the way you teach, I much so impressed even non-technical peoples also understand your teaching. sir, you are eligible for that, you have a very supportive person.

  12. bijender

    Outstanding classes along with the secrets of Affiliate Marketing ocean had ever got.

  13. Ramesh B

    This is the one of best Super Affiliate Marketing Course. The way you teach really great and your support. You really motivate us and support us. We like you to keep in touch with us.

  14. Amarjoti

    Simply saying guys he is the GURU of DIGITAL MARKETING….

  15. Gautam Mishra

    Sir, you are an excellent teacher, and I did something good in my life to find you as a teacher.

  16. Amratanjalee

    Thank you, for giving me Amazing & Valuable knowledge in the course.


    Sir your Affiliate Marketing Course is the best in the market and I am so grateful to you sir for this wonderful course. I will definitely use this knowledge in my life.

    Thank a Lot Sir….

  18. Amratanjalee

    Thank you so much Sir, for giving me Amazing knowledge in the course.

  19. sunitakulkarni1964@gmail.com

    Roy is super awesome teacher. The way he has explained the affiliate marketing is par excellence. He is so sincere and wants to help us become great at this.His commitment is commendable.I would love to be associated with him through out.

  20. Neelam Prabhakar

    Thank you Roy sir, Your super affiliate course is very simple and usefull. Affiliate was too tuff for me. But your course made me this is too easy. Now I can do affiliate easily.

  21. Suchait Goel

    It is the best course of affiliate marketing I have ever gone. I trust Roy sir’s words. Indeed, the tips and tricks he teaches, the way he enlightens to ease our tasks, becomes our torch in the dark path to success, “I JUST LOVE IT”!
    Thanks, Roy sir for so much value.


    Good class

  23. Asoke Ghosh

    The Super Affiliate Marketing Course that you have allowed us to participate in is simply outstanding.
    The knowledge you have passed on to us through your well-thought-out, innovative, easy-to-understand session Contents and your continuous guidance with latest techniques is priceless.
    I firmly believe that this course can be a boon to anyone desiring to learn the tricks of Affiliate marketing for making a career online in the future.
    Mr. Hrishikesh Roy, It’s my personal feeling that you are simply one of the best & most dedicated trainers in the world who continuously cares for the students in every way & with so much of sincerity.

  24. Manisha Bharani

    दिल से धन्यवाद् करती हु की आपने बहुत ही बढ़िया कोर्स सिखाया है । जैसा आपने कहा उससे भी जयादा हमे प्रोफेशनल तरीके से सिखाया है। मे आपका दिल से धनयवाद करती हु । आपने जो प्रैक्टिकल तरीके से हमे समझाया और हम कहा गलती करते थे वो बताया जिससे बहुत ही मदद हो गई । मुझमे इतना कॉन्फिडेंस आ गया और मे भी affilet marketing कर सकुंगी। सर मैंने बहुत सरे एफिलेट मार्केटिंग पे कोर्स ख़रीदे है पैर आज तक कुछ भी नहीं कर पाई पर आपने जिस हिसाब से सिखाया है उसके बाद मुजमे गज़ब का कॉन्फिडेंस आ गया ह। आपने सारे सीक्रेट टूल्स और स्ट्रेजिज़ सिखाये है जिससे हम बहुत ही आसानी से काम कर सकेंगे।
    आप बहुत ही बेस्ट टीचर हो। हमे आगे और भी आपके जो भी कोर्स होगे उसमे मेरा नाम जरूर से लिख लेना मे आपके सारे कोर्स करना चाहती हु।
    Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart. God bless you always.

  25. Vinod Kumar

    I found LIVE SUPER AFFILIATE MARKETING program, very interesting and intuitive, I have attended many programs on different topics till date, but the approach that Roy has taken is revolutionary.

    The concepts are not only explained theoretically, but also been practically done for the students, this helps all the group members to understand the teaching and real-time resolve the issues.

    I have personally gained great knowledge from his teachings, techniques and concepts on affiliate business.
    Concept are explained in very simple and logical ways.

    Highly recommended for you to serious learners..

    Thank you Roy for extending the course and efforts.

    Vinod Kumar

  26. Jitendra Dutt kaushik

    Sir you have taught very well because for me the knowledge of affiliate marketing was absolutely zero but now I have learned a lot so that in the coming time I will be able to do something for myself and my family thank you sir
    Sir you have come like a God in my life thank you sir

  27. Kumkum Kushwah

    I must say, this is something no one teaches us. I’ve invested money on many small and large courses but no one taught like Roy Sir. And the content he delivers is well worth the investment. Also, he makes it really easy and simple to understand and implement instantly.

    Now I’m confident enough that I’ll be able to accomplish even more than I had hoped for.

    It’s all thanks to Roy Sir. I’m very much obliged to him. He is really true hearted person with very pure intentions for his students’ growth.

    Today, I’m glad I decided to put money into Roy’s program.

  28. Ritik Gupta

    I have learned a lot in this life workshop and this course will change my life too I know so I want to thank Roy sir very much that this live workshop has helped a lot.
    so I will be thankful to Roy sir to help me in affiliate marketing.

    And I want that you will continue to help us in the future.

  29. pravinkumar varsani

    pravinkumar varsani

    Mr Roy digital
    I am very impressed with your learning strategy in my life you are a turning point for a product marketing course
    this all strategy also helps me in my own export business
    therefore I very much appreciate for you Mr Roy digital is my heart in full life
    thank you again

  30. Pratik Arora

    I had no idea where to start and how to start my affiliate marketing journey. Youtube is filled with so much of confusing content and a lot of it isn’t legit. Roy sir not only taught me how to do it, but also gave hand holding support and made me do it with him under his guidance. As a complete beginner, now I feel quite confident and ready to take on this journey. Thank you Roy sir.

  31. Pradeep Mutkule

    Due to the affiliate batch of Roy sir,I have got a direction to my life.Sir has the amazing teaching skills and strategee.

  32. Madhurjya Gogoi

    Sir, Thank you soo much for the course, apne jo bhi sikhaya, hame saayad hi kahi sikhne ko milta. Mene two courses buy kia tha affiliate marketing se related, lekin isme itna detailed knowledge mila jo kahi or pe nahi mila, Thnx again Roy Sir.

  33. Jinnatun khatun

    Sir, i am very setisfied your super affiliate marketing class. Roy sir all time help his students any problems for affiliate marketing.I always recommend please joined to Roy sir affiliate class.I feel, I am very improve this classes.

  34. wild life lovers

    Roy sir you are really amazing , sir maine aaj tak jitney bhi a/marketing teacher dekhe , aap best ho. Bahot achche se samjhate ho. I m big fan of you sir…. Ager life me kabhi mumkin hua to apse milunga jarur..
    Thank you sir … aashirvad banaye rakhna

  35. Satya Prakash

    Dear Respected Roy sir

    I really have no words about the teaching you provide to your students. I have never seen any person like you who give soo much personal information about your affiliate carrier. Currently, I am doing your classes and in just half of the period, you have told me almost all the secret strategies that nobody tells. And I am for sure that these values will always guide me but not only me but also other students taught by you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you soo much sir.

  36. laxmi rawat

    I really enjoy your class sir, i learned many things, you are so kind and friendly, I was very nervous at first but you made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I learned a lot – thank you so much sir .


    I would like to say thanks to Roy sir for giving me such wonderful tips and tricks of affiliate marketing that I never learn before. Now I feel very confident to start my carrier in Affiliate marketing…thank you so much sir

  38. Krishnendu chatterjee

    Truely speaking, I had never gone through such a nice and handholding teaching till now.Its really a amazing experience . First time I got a genuine learning of Affiliate Marketing,where I have learnt all the secrets of this business.

  39. Sarmistha Kar

    Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Sir for your ocean like knowledge sharing, Hat’s off to you, I was looking for the actual secret tips and tricks regarding affiliate marketing, I am learning a lot, practicing the tools. Hrishikesh Roy Sir is so much Helpful and friendly. New people can trust 100% to learn Affiliate Marketing from Scratch. Thank you Thank you Thank you Sir.


    thats grate sir aapne ak gaw ke ledke jo maitrik fel ldke ko affiliate program sikha diya mai aapka jiwen bhar abhari rhunga

  41. Vishal kumar Mishra

    It was an amazing and knowledgeable 16 days session. I learned hidden tricks and tips from Hrishikesh Roy. He is so transparent with their knowledge to share with us. I would personally recommend going with this guy he may change your life for sure.

  42. Parag K

    This is really a valuable course, where we not only get the basic know hows of the affiliate marketing but also the personal strategies, tricks and tools used by Roy sir. He has shared all the important information to make your affiliate website really great looking and impressive. Many thanks to him!

  43. Satish chandra jha

    Hrishikesh Sir, The entire of the program is amazing with step by step instructional live workshop. Great Learnings and implementable with result oriented thought process. Giving your full attention is amazing. Great Support Sir.Thank you.

  44. Neev Jain

    One of the best classes I have ever taken was a digital marketing class from my affiliate marketing mentor roy digital. Roy is a true mentor for me in relation to affiliate marketing, having helped me grow my business and understanding of the industry.

  45. Manas Kumar Das

    Really Roy sir you are amazing. You have researched a lot. I never seen this much types of passing information to their students in my career till now. Really its crystal cleared teaching and spoon feeding and aslo handholding.I am satisfied 100% and became fan

  46. MUKESH

    That’s a really new way for me for affiliate marketing. till now i have known multiple ways of doing affiliate marketing but i did not get any success. after i met with roy sir i have got a huge confidence to do afilliate marketing in a easy and right way. Thanks For giving this course…

  47. Jitendra Kumar

    Sir, It’s super and amazing. I try Feb 2021 in Affiliate marketing by rahul mann and john creatani buy and do not get any benifits but Roy digital course is nice and amazing. I do this course.

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